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I have pleasure in announcing the new IC-7300 Resources Page, at:

         The basic intent of the IC-7300 Resources Page is to act as a
         single focal point for all information to do with the Icom

         Newcomers to the rig should find this particularly useful and

     *A quick tour of the sections in the G3NRW IC-7300 Resources Page
        DOCUMENTATION <> *This
         consists of several listings of Icom and Icom-related

             Introductory Documentation

             Technical Documentation: Links to the IC-7300 Basic
             Manual, Full Manual, Service Manual etc

             RS-BA1 Remote Control Software Documentation

             IC-7300 Reviews

             Other Documentation Sources

         *SOFTWARE <> *URLs of Icom

         *FIRMWARE <> *Details of
         the current IC-7300 firmware release, plus older versions that
         are still available from Icom.

         *HOWTOs <> *A selection
         of user-written HOWTOs on various topics.

         *TECHNOTES <>* A
         selection of user-written technical support files, and a table
         for general Technical Reference Books.

         *USEFUL TOOLS <>* This is
         a large collection of software utilities that you will find
         useful when connecting the IC-7300 to a Windows PC. They
         include serial port monitors, serial port emulators, Windows
         latency monitor, hex editor, audio cable emulator and much
         else besides.

         *OTHER SOFTWARE <>* A
         listing of application management and control software
         packages (DXLab, Ham Radio deLuxe, WCS software from RT
         Systems etc), plus a much longer listing of well-known digital
         communications apps that you can run with the IC-7300 (fldigi,
         WSJT-X, WSPR and about 30 more).

         *OTHER HARDWARE <> *This
         section contains links to non-Icom hardware that is either
         produced specifically for the IC-7300 or which supports
         several rigs including the IC-7300.

         *VIDEOS <>* This is the
         “big daddy” section of the IC-7300 Resources Page, consisting
         of more than 80 (mostly) YouTube videos covering all aspects
         of setting up and using the IC-7300. For convenience the
         videos are grouped as follows:

             Introduction to the IC-7300

             IC-7300 Hints and Tips

             Spectrum Scope

             External Display Software

             Digital Setup

             Digital Modes: General

             Digital Packages: General

              Digital Packages: IC-7300-Specific

         Some of the videos are only a few minutes in duration, but
         very effective in illustrating points of detail that no amount
         of reading the printed user manuals can match.

         *MISCELLANEOUS <> *Three
         topics are covered here:

             Signal Monitoring: a miscellaneous collection of links to
             sites where you can arrange skeds, monitor your own
             signals and provide signal reports to others

             IC-7300 Yahoo Groups

             Contact Icom

         *FEEDBACK <> *The place
         where you can submit feedback to the IC-7300 Resources Page owner.

         *MORE G3NRW SITES <> *A
         listing of other sites created by G3NRW.**

This is just the first appearance of the IC-7300 Resources Page. Many more entries will be added to the page in the future.

Happy Thanksgiving!

You now have plenty to read over the holidays. Please let me know what you think.
Ian, G3NRW

***** Editor, IC-7300 Resources Page:

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