Re: Packet rates HF/VHF/UHF under part-97


That CW / Process Gain test for Part-15 products seems like a joke now but it was symptomatic of the excessive regulation that the FCC used to indulge in.

Fortunately the FCC under Ajit Pai is now determined to modernize the rules for all Services. They've got a lot of work ahead of them and regrettably Amateur Radio isn't at the front of the line but I'm sure they'll eventually get round to sorting out Part 97.

To this day many hams are unable to comprehend the difference between the FCC terms “Spread Spectrum” and “SS”.

Even people at ARRL HQ can have difficulty interpreting Part 97. At the end of the last century the League was convinced wideband multiple carrier HF data modes weren’t permitted. It took them some time to realise Part 97 did in fact permit data signals which could in theory occupy an entire band.

Hopefully FCC will soon action the ARRL Symbol Rate petition before they carry out the major task of reforming Part 97.

73 Trevor M5AKA

On Thursday, 2 November 2017, 20:47, Graham <g0nbd@...> wrote:

I spotted your post a  while ago Trevor, but  looking  around since, its difficult to concur , not that it's a  laudable  concept , where  it not  for the  time  and  effort that  has been  expended, in what  Mr T referees to as 'fake news'  concerning the  architecture and design of data modes , to  comply  with the  part-97 , the  wiki  page history   for  olivia is a prime  example , to the  point of demeaning the  ability of the  designer. 

In the  link you provided, there is even a  physical  'cw' test  to judge compliance, taking the  FCC responds to petitions and the  arrl directors,  now,  apparently being  under  'new management' ,with 'the' main issue's  , erased and  re-modelled , rather  in the  style of 'the history of  post revolution Russia' ,   its  difficult to imagine a situation , where an  elegant solution  is to be  reached ?

Who is to raise petition's  about subject's that  are none existent  in the  psyche  of the  users  ?


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