Re: Packet rates HF/VHF/UHF under part-97


I spotted your post a  while ago Trevor, but  looking  around since, its difficult to concur , not that it's a  laudable  concept , where  it not  for the  time  and  effort that  has been  expended, in what  Mr T referees to as 'fake news'  concerning the  architecture and design of data modes , to  comply  with the  part-97 , the  wiki  page history   for  olivia is a prime  example , to the  point of demeaning the  ability of the  designer. 

In the  link you provided, there is even a  physical  'cw' test  to judge compliance, taking the  FCC responds to petitions and the  arrl directors,  now,  apparently being  under  'new management' ,with 'the' main issue's  , erased and  re-modelled , rather  in the  style of 'the history of  post revolution Russia' ,   its  difficult to imagine a situation , where an  elegant solution  is to be  reached ?

Who is to raise petition's  about subject's that  are none existent  in the  psyche  of the  users  ?


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