F5ZAL ON4KHG 2m OPERA 906 km 17:43:51 # Fixed-Beacon #opera


Good VHF conditions  over Europe

F5ZAL  Fixed Opera / CW Beacon,  being  reported  by  ON4KHG at  906 Km range ,  across France
all the  more notable ,  Beacon  power is 4  watts  [ effective 2  watts ] to  Horizontal Dipole !

F5ZAL is one of a  number of  VHF> Microwave  'Fixed Beacons]  { ie Individually licences  and  allocated  carrier frequency }
One  AD Hoc  HF band hopping  beacon is  is  run by UA1ASB , with  1  watt to a  Terminated Folded Dipole 


F5ZAL ON4KHG 2m OPERA 906 km 17:43:51

RX3DHR R3FP 2m OPERA 178 km 09:57:50
R3FP RX3DHR 2m OPERA 178 km 10:01:17
RX3DHR RV3APM 2m OPERA 150 km 13:50:05
RV3APM R3FP 2m OPERA 27 km 19:08:43
R3FP RV3APM 2m OPERA 27 km 19:07:44
F5ZAL F6HTJ 2m OPERA 24 km 19:18:40

F5ZAL  Beacon Location .

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