New release of MultiPSK (4.32.1) - Updating due to eQSL evolution

Patrick Lindecker

New release of MULTIPSK (4.32.1)


Pour les francophones: la version en français de ce message se trouve sur mon site ( Il suffit de cliquer sur le lien "Principales modifications (courriel avertissant de la sortie de la nouvelle version)".

Hello to all Ham and SWL,


The new release of MultiPSK (4.32.1) is on my Web site (
The mirror site is Earl's, N8KBR:

The MD5 signature of the downloaded MULTIPSK_setup.exe file to, possibly, check (with WinMD5 for example), that the downloading works without error, is equal to: 386411ed82df4134b8a56e6a672e5c74


The main improvements of MULTIPSK 4.32.1 is the following:


The eQSL service has updated its ADIF system, which affects many modes supported by Multipsk: actually, modes must be displayed in the format MODE + SUBMODE instead of MODE only. So this Multipsk version permits to keep on  exporting QSOs to the eQSL service.


Note: to avoid eQSL refusal on several exotic modes and on ALE (because not considered by ADIF), modes:

·                     CCW and QRSS are considered as submodes of the CW mode,

·                     LENTUS, DTMF, ALE400 and ALE (141A) are considered as submodes of the MFSK mode,

·                     AUTEX and PSK220F are considered as submodes of the PSK mode.








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