Eclipse: A Call to Action

Ev Tupis

Hello Digital Denizens,

The University that is studying data from the upcoming North American solar eclipse has asked for the assistance of the PropNET initiative.

PropNET uses software to automatically control a transceiver to ID every 5-10 minutes on PSK31 and does so 24/7 without operator intervention.

We are looking for stations that are capable of using the software for 2 weeks before the August 21, 2017 eclipse and continue to use it for 2 weeks AFTERward.

They have asked for participation from willing 80 meter stations to augment existing operation on 30 and 10 meters.

Are YOU willing to offer your station as a sensor to send data to help with real scientific research?

If yes, for now... visit to download the "ACDS^31 Beta" software to your Windows computer and setup on either 30 meters or 10 meters to get a sense of how the system works (join the e-mail list if you'd like, too).  After you get a sense of the system, QSY to 80 meters and "let it run automatically".

The PropNET system is unique because it does not rely on human operators being active.  It generates its own it is a well designed highly controlled system.

Are you willing to help?

Best regards,
Ev, W2EV

PS: The 80 meter frequency will be announced will be near the PSK "watering hole", but not in it.

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