Setting up Fldigi training videos #fldigi

Andrew O'Brien

I stole this post from the NBEMS group.  Usful information.

Andy K3UK

Hey Mike,

I did finish up the Fldigi-NBEMS training series some of the earlier folks listed.  The titles are:

NBEMS - Fldigi "How To Learn To Use IT" 11:59
1-"Getting Started with Fldigi/NBEMS" 4:56
2-"Fldigi Set Up & Configuration for New Users" 21:03
3-"Fldigi UI and Basic Operations" 18:54
4-"Using Macros in Fldigi & Using Flwrap" 15:44
5-"Flmsg Configuration & Operations" 16:19
6-"Flamp Configurations & Operations" 12:19

They are all on my K4REF YouTube site under that play list.  They were created for the very purpose you are needing... basic training.  They are for educational use ONLY.  (I get no YouTube kickbacks.)

BTW... also HIGHLY RECOMMEND the video on my site... "Setting Up Signalink Sound Levels".  It walks one thru the mine-field of how to configure sound for digital which most first-time folks mess up!!

. email me at k4ref at hotmail dot com.

All the best and 73,

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