Re: WSJTX Guide .. how obsolete ? #JT65 #Software

Mike Tarnowsky

Hello Andy, I reread your idiots, sorry, old codger guide v1.1. Still informative. I noticed the section on bolshevik prevention about 'Id after 73' as in 'R TU VA 73'. I wonder how many do not do that. I will check mine. I thinking may be that there were at least three call sign exchanges in an eight minute period so that will suffice. Then I remembered reading in 1965 that you are supposed to ID at the end of our qso. Thats weird because I do it for all my other modes but not when I use that 73 type close in JT modes. All my closes are now fixed, thanks. TU GL 73 <ID>
Mike T., WB2YJS

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