Using Digital TNC's For SkyCommand HT to HF operation


I am pleasantly surprised to find out how much more I use my Kenwood HF 
mobile once I figured out how to use Kenwoods SkyCommand. What is neat
about SkyCommand is you can operate your HF Mobile else where than while
your physically in your mobile. Each radio has a digital TNC built in 
that exchanges information digitally between the radios.

When the control panel for my TMD-700AG dual band failed for the second 
time, I decided it was time to set the unit aside and get a more current 
new model. The Kenwood TMD-710AG has replaced the previous dual bander, 
and man o man am I pleased with all the extra features that are part of 
the new model. Especially the built in true weather receiver that can be 
configured to be silent until a weather alert is broadcasted. You dont 
sacrifice a frequency in either VFO when one is configured to support 
the weather alert.

It is appropriate here to mention the great emergency value of a ready 
to use HF Mobile system. Regardless of where you are at, you can get on 
the HF Airways.

Want to listen in or operate on HF while taking a walk? Use SkyCommand.
Want to operate on HF from some where else but your normal ham shack 
location? Use SkyCommand.
Have an antenna restriction problem? Use SkyCommand.
Have a RFI problem at a location of interest? Use SkyCommand.
Want to listen for some on on more than one band while on your base 
station? Use SkyCommand.
On a trip staying at family and friends Qth who dont have hf antenna. 
Use SkyCommand.
Want to encourage club members to upgrade and use HF? Put on a HF 
demonstration at the club using SkyCommand.
Want to have a club HF station for a group of folks? Use SkyCommand, not 
just to a mobile, but to well placed base station. Repeaters can be used.
Want to extend the operational range of your radio while on trips and 
not using the vehicle? Put up a wire antenna and connect it to your 
mobile. Of course, use SkyCommand.  hi Hi HI

.... and on and on are the ways to use your mobile in your life in ways 
you had not considered when not having SkyCommand.

All the above operational situations can use your mobile or base station 
from other locations. Those other locations can use a Kenwood SkyCommand 
Base, Mobile or HT compatible radio.

Interesting to note the number of rigs that support Kenwoods wonderful 

HF Rigs: TS2000 series, TS-480 series, The TS570S, TS-870S, TS-590S, and 
the TS-990S.
Dual Banders: TMD700AG, TMD710AG, and RC-D710 Control Head, TM-V71A/E with
2.10 Firmware.
HT's: TH-79A KSS, THD7A and THD72A.

Have fun using SkyCommand and let us know how your doing and what your 
    73 from Bill -  
    Dont forget APRS, great feature with emergency support

    WD8ARZ-7   HT TH-D7AG
    WD8ARZ-9   Mobile TM-D710AG
    WD8ARZ-10  Android Smart Phone - APRSdroid  and U2APRS
    APRS Viewer on Android for displaying APRS stations only, no beacon
    / transmitting. 

    See my Geiger Counters Located in South Bend, Indiana at this
    map ... my two stations are in the N.W. section of Indiana:



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