Re: Latest and greatest digital mode interfaces ?

Larry Mundinger

On 10/01/2016 11:25 AM, 'Andrew O'Brien' k3ukandy@... [digitalradio] wrote:
 I see that the simple method, a SignaLink has crept up to around $120 in the USA, seems like a lot of money . 


I built my own.  Since I have to use my old rig's speaker output I wanted to be able to turn the speaker on/off with a switch while still sending audio to the computer.  I use a serial port to control PTT and have a transmit LED as well as a transmit Allow/Inhibit switch to preclude accidentally keying the transmitter with some other application.  Also, I wound ferrite toroid RF chokes for the signals entering the box to keep any hint of RF from the audio getting to the transceiver microphone input.  IMD reports when running PSK have been really good.

Larry, KG4Q

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