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On 8/29/2016 11:43 AM, 'John Etling' [digitalradio] wrote:
Well said Alan and I personally agree with your points, spot on. I am
a digital JT/PSK user primarily and it really burns me when RTTY users
come in “for the sake of the contest” and just blow away the little
space I have to work in, and when asked to leave it alone the rudest
comments emerge.
Personally, I don't think it's a case of intentional rude behavior. It's
far more simple: Your signal is just noise to the RTTY program and does
not decode on their screen. Nor is there any busy signal detection. And
the ops are either not listening, or are choosing to transmit. (OK, I'll
allow for the possibility of hidden terminal effect, but it's far less

It is a case of willing behavior, as many ops like the RTTY folks know
of their potential interference. But it does not stop them from
operating. I'm not anti-RTTY, it's just as a group, I see more lid ops
from them than any other groups. Probably all the other non-voice
groups/modes put together.

Sounds quite a bit like what many others accuse the WL2K/Pactor infamous
sailboaters of. Not to defend them, but it's just easier to make a case
against a small group of easily ID'd pactor PMBO operators than it is to
show intentional/willing interference against a thousand RTTY ops in a
contest. Or SSB/CW ops in a pileup.

They get away with it because they can, it'd be hard to prove what they
did was illegal. Just like the guy who chooses not to wait in the exit
ramp line, blows past the line, then noses in at the front.

To me, that's the existential threat to ham radio... good ops just don't
bother to operate because it's no longer fun or interesting. And the
LIDS win by default. I know many that has happened to. And at times I
get very close myself.

Case in point: I used to do quite a bit of demo work with Scouts, setup
a portable station when camping, etc. There was a noticeable sea change
around 2005 and later, there were contests most weekends which made it
very difficult to find space for qso, and then to get through with field
stations. Yep, if 17m or 15 was open there was space. But if not, you
were shut down.

It reached a point where I stopped bothering, just not worth the time.
Some of this was just a case of bad timing. Yet I'm convinced we have
far more contests than we used to. The "XYZ on the air" activities are
different, as they do not dominate the bands, and do more to help grow
the hobby.

Sorry for the curmudgeonly "Get off my Lawn!!!" response, but while we
discuss, thousands others just LID away every weekend.

Have fun,


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