Re: What digital "modems" should I look at?

Ralph Mowery

While there are  a few digital 'modems' most are simple interface devices that just isolate the audio circuits to and from the transceiver and computer.  The beter ones will have transformers to do that and optical isolators for the ones that key the transceiver.

All the decoding is done by the computer.  For simple receiving you can place a microphone from the computer near the transceiver speaker in a quiet room.

Here is a page that has many free software programs.

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Subject: [digitalradio] What digital "modems" should I look at?

As a new general class HF operator I have no practical experience with digital "modems" other than the add copy of the manufacturers I don't have anything to go on.

I have a Yaesu FT-857D and auto tuner if that matters.

What would be a good modem that is very dependable and flexible.  i.e. I would like to run it
under both Windows and Linux.

Thanks in advance.

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