Re: Digital HF frequencies

Larry Mundinger

What is the story on 30 Meters?

For years 10.138 -10.140 was the place for JT65 and 10.140- 10.142 was
the place for PSK, OLIVIA, Etc. Recently the users of WSJT-X decided
that 10.140-10.142 would be the place for JT9.

The FCC allocation for automatically controlled stations is 10.140-10.150.

The ARRL band plan says 10.130-10.140 is the place for digital and the
latest releases of Fldigi default to 10.135 but I have not been able to
raise anyone down there.

In amateur radio nobody owns a frequency but it is nice to know the
watering holes when looking for a QSO.

Larry KG4Q

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