Re: What happened to digital modes on 80/40?

Larry Mundinger

On 08/09/2015 08:29 PM, 'Andrew O'Brien' k3ukandy@... [digitalradio] wrote:
Seems very low activity for modes on 80M and 40M these days. 

Try calling CQ.  Recently I have worked Europe and South America on 40M JT9 using 1 Watt.  Tonight I called CQ on 80M JT9 (10 Watts) and worked VE9DX.  Yesterday I worked VE3CIQ on 160M JT65 running 40 Watts to my 43 Ft. vertical.  I need to add some inductance to the base of the vertical to see if it will improve the performance on 80 and 160.

Call CQ using JT9 or JT65 and check to see where your signal is landing.  It is surprising where your signal goes but if nobody calls CQ the band is dead.  The same goes for 10M which can have short band openings that nobody sees.


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