Re: Re-inventing PSK on HF


Hi Sholto and all,

Pactor, AMTOR, BBSs and the like never caught my interest. PSK31 did for a while but the nFSK modes really caught my attention. Now,the new fast and light modes like FSQ and IKFP might increase the fun. For me much more fun than psk31. Seems to be a nice balance between lack of robustness of psk31 and robustness of Olivia.

That said skeds with others using Olivia work with "magic print" when conditions are pretty rotten and I can not see or hear the other ham's tones.

73, tom w7sua

On 8/4/2015 10:22 AM, [digitalradio] wrote:
Andy and all.

The thing I can't really get my head around is 20 years ago we had
error-free QSOs with Amtor & Pactor, personal mailboxes, BBS's,
pactor to packet gateways etc and it all ran on the very low spec
computers of the day.

Modes with excessive FEC like Olivia work better but they are slow
and not conducive to the immediacy of having a fun conversation.
Remember how we could seize the link in Amtor or Pactor, make a
comment and then turn the link back? This is much closer to how
digital communication should work when ragchewing IMO.

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