Re: Windows 10 issues with Signalink , Icoms, Kenwoods

Ralph Mowery

Not sure if this has been posted on the subject or not.

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No, the "bug" happens because the volume slider in Windows versions after XP functions differently than the PCM2904B chip expects. If you adjust the slider to 0db using the db scale instead of the percentage scale, as in the most recent update made to the Reddit post, which is also the suggested way that Joe W4TV posted on several lists, you shouldn't have the clipping issue.

Matthew Pitts

On August 1, 2015 1:23:21 PM EDT, "rmammoso@... [digitalradio]" wrote:
I believe the point of this bug is that the clipping happens before the Windows level slider takes effect.  So you may see the levels not hitting the max, but if you look on some program that displays the waveform you will see the tops cut off the waves.

You can avoid this by turning down the audio level coming out of your radio, or the Rx knob on the SignaLink, but if you do that you are not taking advantage of the full 16-bit dynamic range.

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