Re: Why no digital modes in phone segments of band ?


Hi Andy.

No digital data in the phone segment since that is against the FCC rules. And no phone in the data segment. Also OK to mix data and phone from 6 meters and up.

So support changing the rules to manage by bandwidth. I liked the version where allowed modes were low bandwidth, medium bandwidth ( 500 hertz or so and below), and wide bandwidth (equivalent to an AM signal or less). Then in the wide bandwidth section could flip back and forth in a net or QSO.

[ I also commented to the FCC on one of the previous requests for comment that they should keep the automatic and semi-automatic stations sequestered in their own little narrow sub-segment. ]

73, tom w7sua

On 7/12/2015 8:27 AM, 'Andrew O'Brien' [digitalradio] wrote:
I'm getting more senile and forgetting all the rules. After participating
in nets on 60M or MARS nets where mix modes are common, I'm wondering why
we don't have voice/digital nets on other HF bands ? NOT operating 2.7 Khz
phone in the digital sub bands makes sense, phone traffic would zap a
plethora of narrow digital mode signals. However, what is the big deal
about having a voice net on, say... 14225, and sending a bulletin using a
digital mode ?

Andy K3UK

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