Re: Setting up first digital mode station ?

Ralph Mowery

I would go here for some free software.   If he has a computer with a microphone load in one of the programs and hold the mic up to the radio speaker to see what he is getting into.  There are many interfaces that can be bought for about what  one can be put together for.

One of the easiest modes is psk31 and all you do is turn the receiver to USB and set it for 14.070.  This is the place to start.  Once this is working, then other modes can be tried out.

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Subject: [digitalradio] Setting up first digital mode station ?

OK folks, one of our new members is just getting started in setting up his station for digital modes.  What would you advise someone who is just setting up their digital operations ?
Andy K3UK


Specialized apps =  PC-ALE , RMS Express , PSKMAIL , WSJT-X ,  

Digital modes via SDR = Multipsk or

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