Re: What about the idea?


How about just send out the Reed Solomon ID for the mode? Then those that have their program set to follow mode will switch.

73, tom w7sua

On 4/3/2015 7:08 PM, [digitalradio] wrote:
Hey gents and ladies,

On a different thread I put this question out be maybe I should have
done it in a separate thread.

It seems like we all agree keeping up with the different modes, what
they sound like, figuring it out when we hear it, finding someone else
running the protocol of interest. Personally I've not had much luck
getting to know these protocols. I don't know about you, but if you're
like me you love learning things, can we get on the same page?

So what about the idea? Could we generate enough interest on here to do
something like:

Monday's - OPERA - Primary Freq:

Tuesday's - Feld Hell - Primary Freq:

Wednesday's - MFSK16 - Primary Freq:

Thursday's - Olivia 2000-64 - Primary Freq:

Friday's - Contestia 4-250 - Primary Freq:

You get the idea... I'm just pulling a few out for examples, day of the
week, frequency I don't care, just asking about the idea of it. I feel
that with digital we will always have this as more protocols are
released with the same or slightly more ops to go around.



Patrick KM5L

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