(partly) off-topic: presentation about ham-radio

Kristoff Bonne


I know this of "off-topic" in this list, or at least partly.

The 31th of january and the 1st of february, there is the FOSDEM conference in Brussels ("Free and Open-Source Developers European Meeting").
As "open source" these days in not just about software, but includes things like hardware (arduino's, unix devcontrolelrs, ...), electronics and the 2nd devroom on Software-defined radio (GNUradio and others), this event is become more and more interesting for ham-radio operators.

So we set up a small group that will have a booth at FOSDEM to promote ham-radio to the most then 5000 geeks that visit FOSDEM. As we are in the building where the SDR and "electronics design automation" devrooms will be held and are next to the booths related to embedded development; we are at a good spot.

So, we are looking for a good presentation on "what is ham-radio", showing the different aspects of ham-radio. Concidering the audience, I am looking for the more "geeky" parts of the hobby (digital modes, weak-signal propagation, meteor-scatter, EME, satellites, DSP, SDR, ...), the DIY-part of the hobby (e.g. homemade echolink node, homebrew APRS, ...) or using your ham-licenes for other technical hobbies (like for RC model, robotics, ...)

So, the presentation have a license to allow it to be modified (Creative-commons or others).

The digital modes surely are part of the more "geeky" part of the hobby, so that should be a major part of the presentation.

it would also be interesting if there is a slide on the more "underlaying" technology of digital modes: e.g. FEC, on how to extract a signal from below the noice-level, etc.

One of the presentation on the SDR devroom will be about using weak-signal propagation-tools to do EME.

more info on fosdem: http://fosdem.org/

Anybody any links?

kristoff - ON1ARF

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