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Ralph Mowery

When MS had about 14 years to fix all the bugs and virus problems and still don't seem to have them all fixed, how many virus holes do you think might be in the newer systems.  Now all my computers use XP except for a couple that I have win98 or dos on to program some old equipment.  Guess that I am not a 'power ' user and only do simple things on mine so I do not need the newer systems. 

About all the programs I run are not by MS anyway except for MS office.  All I want the operating system to do is just let me load and run the other programs.

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Even though it it no longer supported*, I'd go for XP. TBH, I would really advise Linux - it will make that machine fly - a free upgrade. Happy to help off group if you think Linux would be OT. Email addy at

*In spite of the F.U.D., XP can be made to use the updates intended for the POS version of XP. without any probs. I cannot face the trauma of weaning the XYL off XP so delaying it as long as possible, hi hi.

Merry Christmas and HNY



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