Re: AFSK (aprs) demodulation on 16 Mhz microcontroller

Kristoff Bonne

Hi Mark,

Op 18-11-14 om 00:26 schreef enkitec@... [digitalradio]:

    As I said before, I used the Swiss demodulator in a project for a client. It was an ATmega8 running at 14,7456MHz.
    One timer generating 19200Hz interruption rate. Sample rate was 9600Hz, so two channels demodulating at the same time.

My appologies.
I misunderstood your original message. I thought you said that your code used the methode as used by the BeRT arduino application to decode two streams at a time.

I did a litle bit of research and the atmega does have a 8-by-8-multiply it can do in hardware in just two clock-cycli so that is indeed quite fast; much faster then I thought.
I'll give this a try tomorrow.


On the other hand, I'm still interested to understand how the algorithm used in the BeRT application application actually works. Perhaps the best way will be to implement it and run it on a demo audio-file.

(For some reason, gnuradio companion crashes on me on my ubuntu 14.04 box. It did work before but now not anymore! Grr!!!

    Mark Jordan PY3SS
kristoff - ON1ARF

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