Re: Fldigi 3.22.01 RxID


There have occasionally been issues with the VOA Radiogram transmissions where the audio playback speed has shifted the audio frequencies. This may be due to sample rate issues differing from the recording system and the playback system at the transmitter site. In the past, I have recorded the broadcasts, used Audacity to speed up the recording by some fixed percentage, and then played back the "corrected" broadcast.



---- "Ron Wenig [digitalradio]" <> wrote:

I am using Fldigi 3.22.01 trying to copy the VOA Radiogram. I'm having
the following issues.

When the MFSK32 starts I am detecting the RxID that is sent. It tells
me what the mode and frequency was then it changes to MFSK32. The
problem is it changes my spot on the waterfall which is about about 300
hertz too low. I was just on the PaNBEMS net and I didn't have the
problem with RxID sending me to the wrong frequency so maybe there was
an issue on the VOA transmission.

Also, I wasn't able to copy the mystery mode. It changed the mode to
8PSK125 but no decode.

73 Ron NY3J

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