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On 1/28/2014 11:38 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
the creator of the system describes it as that. We assume that he knows what he created.
The ROS guy was an idiot. But the quoted ARRL article just repeats the
FCC comment about the author "knowing what he created".

And the most important part:

The Commission does
not determine if a particular mode 'truly' represents spread spectrum as it is defined in the rules. The licensee of the station
transmitting the emission is responsible for determining that the operation of the station complies with the rules. This would
include determining the type of emission the station is transmitting and that the frequencies being used are authorized for that
type of emission.

It's very clear the FCC did not do an engineering review, issued a
technical ruling, etc. They clearly stated they have no desire to do so.
So reposting the ROS snippet means nothing.

All the FUD about ROS does not change NTIA redbook, IEEE, and Industry
definitions regarding DSSS and similar.

I personally have heard past FCC bigwigs speak on how damaging the "This
can't be allowed, give me a ruling" mindset is to amateur radio and how
it puts our allocations at risk. We'd be wise to heed that input.

Circular debate round #11.

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