Re: comments on the ARRL petition: one well worth reading


On 12/28/2013 10:32 AM, M5AKA wrote:

as soon as SCS publicizes a technical description of Pactor 4
sufficient to allow decoding
of a message's originator and content.
Dave, SCS don't need to publish that much detail to meet Part 97
requirements, they only need document the technical characteristics of
the signal as was done with Pactor 3

73 Trevor M5AKA
Exactly. It can be pretty sparse. You should read some of the earlier
digi modes. The shortest is about two pages. The longest is the
excellent technical doc for winmor.

To be clear, I think good documentation helps us all and should be

People tend to overinterpret ยง97.309(a)(4) anyway. The later clauses
also come into play and are what the FCC really cares about. (At least
the FCC approval interactions I am familiar with)

But for the current debate these are just barriers thrown up, the people
involved do not really care about them. And most (with a handful of
exceptions) do not have the wherewithal to really understand them, much
less duplicate a protocol from it's description. We do have some of that
handful on this list, however!!! :-)

have fun,


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