Re: CW Decoder

Larry Mundinger

On 06/04/2013 01:33 PM, Gerald wrote:

Is there anyone in this group who are using a
CW Decoder?
I don't need one to copy but always have Fldigi up when I operate CW.
It helps me get on the other station's frequency (if not working split)
and the waterfall shows me what is around in the way of QRM. If working
split it helps in picking a calling frequency in the pileups. My
transceiver does not have a CW filter and seeing the QRM on the
waterfall helps my brain sort them out. Occasionally Fldigi will pick
up a character that I missed because it was stomped on by QRM but it is
not nearly good enough to rely on for a QSO unless the signal is S9.

In my opinion, only Olivia, Contestia, JT65, and JT9 can beat the
organic computer between the ears for copying weak signals.


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