Re: Power on digital modes

Larry Mundinger

On 04/30/2013 05:31 PM, W. J. Karle wrote:

It seems to me that users of digital modes gradually are increasing
their radiated powers. Whereas we once prided ourselves saying that
our rigs were running 30 watts or less, now I am seeing more and more
hams saying that they are running 50 and 75 watts.
I have seen some of this as well. I wonder if there is a question on
the test about duty cycle? Digital modes are 100% duty cycle and
transceivers aren't rated for that. The maximum power specification for
AM should be observed rather than that for SSB and CW. You can push it
some on PSK because the average power is 41% of the peak power but not
on the FSK modes. A friend of mine recently admitted that he melted his
linear's power transformer during a RTTY contest so cheer up - the
problem can be self limiting.

Actually, we are required to use the minimum power to accomplish the
desired communication.

Larry, KG4Q

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