MT63 vs. RTTY Simulation For Graham


On 4/29/2013 6:56 PM, graham787 wrote:

peak/mean power is low, but that's part of the mode dynamics , energy spread over the band and re-combined during de-code to give a high resistance to selective fade / qrm , s/n are not particularly low, worse than rtty ?


True, and tests show that MT63 does do quite well with fading which is obviously what it was developed for. The minimum s/n is somewhat lower (MT63-500) compared to RTTY.

Here's a short video that shows a side-by-side comparison with RTTY.

I believe the path simulator takes the peak-to-average ratio into account; at least that's what I'm lead to believe from the audio file analysis of each mode.

Tony -K2MO

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