Re: MixW Review

Donald Evilsizor


I like the fact that the MixW program did set up ok for me on the old
computer here and does not hog my sparse memory like some other
software does. Additionally my ham radio desktop using MixW is not
on line either.

I am using the Donner interface unit for HF operation.

I primarily operate HF packet with it along with FH mode too.
I am very weak when it comes to computers anyway so that
part alone is a challenge. I will probably have to pay the extra
to get it registered with a copy of the CD.

Would like to see Olivia mode for the program but basically far
as operation for this old timer it seems to do a great job for the
modes listed.

Thanks for all the good ideas that are passed around on digital.


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Hello all,

I have just posted a short review of MixW to my web site... Feel free
to comment on it, good or bad...

Dave for equipment reviews, propagation, and more...


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