Re: What happen to all of them ??

Donald Evilsizor

I essentially gave away a beefed up KPC-3, still have another on loan, am
using my old KAM 24/7 on vhf packet in northeast Indiana. Also gave
away a PK-232, loaned out a KAM & a PK-88.

Purchased a Kantronics KAM plus at Fort Wayne hamfest last year and
still have not even plugged it in to test yet.

The KPC-3 I loaned out is being used by another ham.

Our EOC has 2 each KPC-3 units, one is up on VHF packet full time.

I enjoy it because it is ham radio.

I am using a Donner interface for HF at this time.


From: "John Becker"
To: digitalradio@...
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 10:58:46 AM
Subject: [digitalradio] What happen to all of them ??


What happen to all the TNC's ?
I have noticed a few PK232'S on some of the list
such as ebay but not even close to what was sold.

John, W0JAB

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