Re: NBEMS Webinar last night

Donald Evilsizor


Thanks for your report on the subject.

I am just now trying to get started on FLDIGI and this old codger is a slow learner
for trying to figure out both computers and software. I downloaded fldigi to the
EOC laptop at home - now to figure out on getting it all set up.

Am trying to work with this since my xyl WB8ORR is the Whitley County RACES
officer and we would like to catch up on things a bit. We had been running some
various modes in the past using the HRD program here in Columbia City, Indiana.

My primary experience in our EOC with digital has been using VHF packet with the
KPC-3 that runs 24/7 in addition to the set up at our home.

Additionally we just obtained a new laptop for home use and want to get started on
setting it up for FLDIGI too. I will probably use it for my Air Force MARS also after
getting through a learning curve.

Anyway am open to thoughts on working into the NBEMS and any help will be


Don KA9QWC & AFA5ED (formerly AFA1OK)

From: "KB3FXI"
To: digitalradio@...
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 10:28:13 AM
Subject: [digitalradio] NBEMS Webinar last night


Hello all,

I think it's safe to say we had a successful webinar last night with a good turn out and a lot of great questions in the last 30 minutes or so.

Special thanks to Darrell (N3QBI), Rabe (W3TNU) and any of the others who may have been standing by on 80m for our on the air demo. I had my hands full and only time to receive one message on 80m. Rabe did a fine job with a great MT63 message in the ICS213 FLMSG form that popped up perfectly. Everyone on the webinar could see the message pop up, the HTML view and then I showed how easy it is to do a relay.

But the big thanks goes to Dave (W1HKJ) who attended and stood by to help with the question round. It was a huge help having Dave in with us as he answered several questions of which I didn't have the answers. We also got a little bit of inside scoop with the announcement that the V4 mode/protocol will be ported to FLDIGI and a new bunch of emcomm hospital forms will be added to FLMSG.

Thanks to all who attended the webinar. If you missed it and would like a DVD copy, they are available at . Bill Edgar (N3LLR) makes these available at cost and they're only $7 and some change, which includes shipping and handling.

I hope that some increased participation in existing NBEMS nets and perhaps the formation of some new nets will be the result of the webinar.

Please let us know about the NBEMS net and drill activities in your area.

-Dave, KB3FXI

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