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Donald Evilsizor

Are we talking about soundcards or interface units?
It appears to be interface devices for using the soundcards.

A number of us use that $39 Donner interface from Ohio.
Again like others it needs to be somewhat radio specific.


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I have a Signalink USB that is easy to use. Others in our club also use it successfully. It is easy to hook up to. The only problem with it is if you change rigs, you need to get new cables and inside connectors for it for the new rig, if it's a different manufacturer or significantly different from your old rig.

I bought a new rig from a different manufacturer and decided to try a Rigblaster for it, leaving the Signalink for my old rig. So far, I haven't had a chance to get it hooked up so I can't comment on it other than the fact that it can be transferred from one rig to another without the need to buy new cables. It is a bit more expensive than the SignaLink USB.

But in looking at the available external soundcards, it came down to those two, unless you have the money to go into the more expensive ones. 

So the question is how are you defining "Best"? Do you mean truly BEST or do you mean "best for the money"?

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What is the best sound card for digital modes without using separate modems?

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