Re: TNC vs Sound Card: The logical answer

Donald Evilsizor

Speaking for myself I check in often to the N9LYA
packet BBS here in Indiana on HF - 7103.5 LSB.
Can usually connect 1st try at various times during
the day using soundcard & MixW.

Also operate some Feld Hell & other modes to
include some manual CW.

Also run vhf packet 24/7 through my old KAM tnc
and have fair coverage in northeast Indiana. I am
not exactly a DX ham but work some at times.

May try to get wiring harness back on line again
for KAM to operate HF when time permits.


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> If you like feel free to post some frequencies and calls of some of the
> pactor, packet stations.

OK. Well the main activity for pactor keyboarding is 14.111MHz (center frequency). On there you will find many stations that leave their mailboxes on when not chatting. There are a few DX stns on too. Look for SV1UY and LA5ZO. PTC-II modems will also respond in Pactor-1 or AMTOR.

On 14105 LSB (mark 14103.4 space 14103.2) you will find the 300 baud packet network "Network 105". There's always plenty of stations on here.

Around 14066 you can hear some AMTOR from time to time. Look for VE1XL, WD8OHA and others.



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