Re: New to packet

Donald Evilsizor

I am using the winpack ver 6.80 on our old desktop
xp computer and was running it in older windows
computers too. Am using my old Kantronics KAM
TNC so it works just fine.

Our local EMA/EOC has the older winpack version
and it works fine on 2 meters. The author of the
program is SK - but I won't lengthen this email too
much with the explanations. There are several web
page sources to download the program.

Basically it is free & if you register it guess it gets
rid of the nags - I have not done that yet.

VHF packet is fairly active in northeast Indiana and
we even operate a area net on Sunday evenings.

Good luck and have fun with it, not sure about the
wiring connections for your tnc & radio but think
there is reference material out there too.


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I recently purchased an old PAKRATT PK232 from a friend to put in my classroom for the school radio club. I am in the process of trying to get it going, but need to know what packet programs are out there for 2 meter packet that runs on XP. Any advice? Free is great, but something that works and being simple is even better!

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