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We clearly need to encourage innovation in Amateur Radio<<
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We clearly need to encourage innovation in Amateur Radio. Many potential innovators may be people working in the fields of Software or Communications who are not currently Radio Amateurs.

The question is what can we do to encourage people with expertise in these areas to join the Amateur Radio community ? I'd be interested in the thoughts of those on this list.

While reading the article below I was stuck by the fact that an Amateur Radio Innovation Competition had only received one entry. This perhaps indicates that Amateur Radio innovators are in short supply at the moment!

The South African Amateur Radio Development Trust has thus far received one entry in the Innovation in Amateur Radio Competition from an Amateur in the UK.

Radio amateurs and technologists are invited to submit projects that will innovate amateur radio whether it is software, amateur radio and the Internet, the development of compact HF antennas for flat and complex dwellers or innovation in Emergency Communications.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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