Is this still the case , posted 26/2/2010 ?

The FCC did say they "viewed it as spread spectrum", not because of any
technical inspection by them, but solely upon the documentation presented to
them, and they qualified THAT by saying they assumed the author knew what he
had written. <<

Q what is the FCC definition of a SS signal ? , this system just uses a little random digital noise to raise the minimum s/n ..and like all modern qrp system's , 50 mW of RF and 500 watts in the pc ... but If its ok above 220 the concept must be 'ok' , assumedly based on bandwith grounds .. then how is translated to non use on HF via standard ssb filter or 100 hz/50 Hz notch for the eme and mf modes .....

G ..

nb : the MF system uses 64 pre set tones and is not the same as the hf mode and was crated after the initial post so has never been comented on or assesed as such ... way in ?

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