Re: ROS are sending data from your PC - banned call list


looks like things have moved on , I have tried a few of the call's that had been reported blocked , and all seem to work normally

Its not the first software that had a barred list the first was originated in the usa , linked to the pk232 , thats free for all to use now

G ..

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I would not have been confident that there was not a more subtle surprise in the program for those on his list. Given the information revealed here that it sends information to websites I can't control, even if as far as we know they are just DX clusters, I still have no wish to run the program. But thank you for your brave effort in trying it.

Julian, G4ILO

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I entered the call(s) in the config. Unplugged my interface and listened to the output of my souncard while I pushed the "CQ" button in ROS. The text "CQ CQ de N1SZ N1SZ pse k " appeared in the TX window and when I pushed PTT... it worked...

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