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What does ROS gain by using SS over another mode that carries the same amount of data at the same speed using the same bandwidth and the same number of tones but uses an entirely predictable method of modulation?
Processing gain. Signals correlated with the hopping sequence add up,
non correlated signals do not add up.

It does not mean that SS is not a predictable modulation method, you
just need to know the key, in the USA, the key must be one of a few
specific codes, and if you don't have the key, "security by obscurity"


Jose, CO2JA
"security by obscurity" > applies <

Oh gosh , the Bells the Bell's egor ... this is quite amazing , a sort of Concorde moment , but this baby don't make loud sonic boom's ..Eg from a time forgot :-

''When the US ban on JFK Concorde operations was lifted in February 1977, New York banned Concorde locally. The ban came to an end on 17 October 1977 when the Supreme Court of the United States declined to overturn a lower court's ruling rejecting the Port Authority's efforts to continue the ban (The noise report noted that Air Force One, at the time a Boeing 707, was louder than Concorde)''

Yes if the key gen is secret, then its a security hazard but as its not and everyone uses the same thing .. even the Bell-ringers can download it and dis assemble it .. may be the problem is not in the '''Source Code''' .. but perhaps in the ''Source of the Code'' .. may be he could rename it H2S ?

G ..

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