Re: RTTY newcomer looking for some information


The biggest
problem I'm having is tuning in weak signals and copying through QRM.

That looks like rtty to me ! , its a well used mode but its prone to
noise etc ... try the newer psk31 mode , digipan or fldigi is about
as good as it gets ..nice and simple ..but very good performance .

tune with the mouse .. one click and the jobs done ... unless you are
keying the tx via a 'genuine' line 'fsk' input .. in which case ,
your limited to packet , rtty , amtor fec/arq and packtor arq/fec ,
mmtty will key direct, but for packet amtor/pactor you need a tnc -
pk232 etc

oddly enough along with my usb sound card acting as pc interface .. ,
the pk232 is still wired in ! even had a amtor/arq qso a few weeks
ago ! but the software modems do out perform the pk232 on rtty ..
most notable is the 5 mhz band .. where very often the pk232 dosent
print a thing and the software is 100% copy

good luck ... G ..

--- In, John Becker <johnb3030@...>


I've been a ham for almost 50 years, but I never operated RTTY
about two weeks ago. It was an award offered by the Chinese for
their special event stations for the Beijing Olympics that was the

I'm using a KAM connected to an FT-1000MP Mk.V and the WinWarbler
program from the DX Lab Suite. I'm using 500Hz filters, and using
shift and width controls to narrow the passband from there. My
filters seem to be too narrow and I'm not sure why that is. The
problem I'm having is tuning in weak signals and copying through

I have a couple of books on RTTY dating back to the 1960's. They
about using TU's that can decode with only the mark or only the
signal. This seems pretty straightforward, since the mark and space
together provide 100% redundancy. I haven't figured out how to do
with what I'm running, and on weaker signals I'm finding a tuning
of only 10Hz can make the difference between copy and no copy.

What do I need to do better? Are there any good recent books on
have the ARRL HF Digital Handbook, but it only covers the basics.


John, K9MM

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