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Ron, as a semi direct answer to your question, as a general rule
cable tv frequencies typically are well above hf radio. It is not
impossible for there to be interference, but generally it will be
some other source. One thing to remember with most cable systems is
that the line and trunk amps need to be powered and are usualy done
through the cable itself with pole mounted power supplies every so
often in the system. If there is a connection breakdown somewhere
near you, it"could" cause your symptoms. You did provide a clue to
your own situation. You mentioned a bucket truck in the area when the
noise suddenly stopped and then started again. If he was working at a
particular pole, you might try physically walking to that pole and
see if you hear any arcing, especially if this is also a power pole
carrying primary voltages. It is not uncommon for the insulators to
start breaking down due to dirt and grime in the air getting on the
insulators and forming a path for the current to travel. This
manifests itself frequently as strong intermittant static.
Your noise blanker typically only works on "impulse" noise such as
ignition, etc.
Have you also eliminated all noise sources in your own home, such as
televisions, computers and monitors, etc.?
A great way to chase the source is to take a small portable shortwave
receiver with a small antenna and follow the noise to it's source.
You can usually get very close very quickly with a little leg work.
Just some thoughts ....
Best of Luck

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If this question is inappropriate for the reflector I apologize but
of last Friday I started to experience significant noise (S-9) on
bands from 160 through 15M with the lower frequencies much
stronger. I
thought that it was due to power line noise but it appears to be
intermittent in that it completely disappeared last Friday evening
once again showed up last Saturday and stayed this way. On the
the noise blankers are completely ineffective. At the same time I
started having internet problems and the cable company indicated
should have the speed issue fixed by Tuesday.

The cables are run on poles until they enter a subdivision which
run underground. My question is can cable lines be the possible
to HF frequencies? The power and cable companies have been
new poles and running new lines in the area which initially led me
believe it was a power issue however, while I was writing this
email the
noise completely disappeared for a few seconds and then
reappeared. As
I was looking out my window I noticed a cable company buck truck
through the woods towards the main road, I am off now to talk to
and see what I can discover. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the bandwidth if this question is inappropriate for this

73 de

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