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One handy trick, the local 'radio inspcetor' for want of a better
name, passed on to me was ... That the closer you get to the noise
source .. the higher in frequency you can pick it up .. I had a wide
band signal taking all of 145 Mhz out ... finally tracked it down,
using a uhf 'tv' ae and my frg9600 tuned round 800 Mhz with the yagi
I managed to pin point the problem .. a chattering rely in a large
tumble dryer .. the mains cable was raditing ...

I spent ages with a hf and mw set but never managed a good fix,
signals came from all over

G ..

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Hi Ron,

Use a portable HF receiver with a whip antenna and walk around,
it down by signal strength. This will find the source 90% of the

Take 2 ferrites and call me in the morning...

Bonnie VR2/KQ6XA

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I started to experience significant noise (S-9) on all
bands from 160 through 15M with the lower frequencies much
Any suggestions?

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