Re: 40M PSK transatlantic

DL2RR <dl2rr@...>

Hello Andy,
I am listening and calling on 7.035 MHz usually at 4:00z on saturday,
sunday or perhaps also on one of the other days. If necessary and possible
also earlier. I tried also between 0:00 and 2:00z but without any response.

I will be to morrow waiting at 4:00z (maybe 3:00z)
vy 73 de Dieter - DL2RR

Von: Andrew J. O'Brien <>
Betreff: [digitalradio] 40M PSK transatlantic
Datum: Samstag, 13. Mai 2000 16:10

I still have NOT made any transatlantic QSO's on 40M PSK. Anyone
in trying this weekend and have any suggestions on how we do it? (what

Fredonia, New York.

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