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D-Star is open for any radio manufacture to sell as its open code source
not just Icom. Kenwood has listed a mobile radio on Rig Pix and has two
models, so they may be into D-Star even though they may be moving into
APCO-25 as well so Motorola may not have the market on that either.
Kenwood has several models listed on the commercial site so far that are
APCO-25 compliant. So Icom doesn't have the market on D-Star.
Peter Dakota Summerhawk
Just a slight correction. D-Star is an open specification, not open
source, implementers such as Icom can do proprietary code, which they
have. There are several Open Source
( activities going on around
the D-Star specification including the work for an open gateway, a
radio implementation, and a device (USB) to attach to computer to make
the codec available to other programs.

APCO-25 radios are made by many manufacturers, but they aren't
designed for amateur radio and tend to be quite pricey. Motorola is
also doing its Mototrbo product. I am not aware of any open source or
even proprietary gateway products being done for APCO-25. (Its
designed for a different market.)

-- K7VE

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