Re: software and sound cards.

Andrew J. O'Brien <obrienaj@...>

Peter, a quick and cheap way to start is to download MixW , you can get it

The demo version 1.42 is FREE, the full version costs a few quid but I have
managed to use the free version without any problem (it does not expire)

MixW has RTTY. PSK. Hell, CW and a few more digital modes ALL via a sound

73 de Andy KB2EOQ

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Sent: Friday, May 12, 2000 4:40 PM
Subject: [digitalradio] software and sound cards.

can any one out there give me the URL's for soundcard based software for
digital modes I have a few progs but would like to try all modes in this
manner as I have no tnc and I am running on a small the sound
is the easiest option.
73 peter m1dgq.

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