This is a site that was established in the year 2000 and has continued to be a leading discussion group regarding digital mode communication in the amateur bands and in the "utility" world. From "how to set up" digital modes as a beginner, to what software  is best, and for advanced options such experimental new modes, this is the place that will help with the advancement of the state of the art in digital communications. Many of the authors of the leading software packages are members of this group. 

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  • #opera 27 topics
  • #VARA 23 topics
  • #Multipsk Multipsk digital mode software see The MOST digital modes in one application. Very advanced communication tool. 22 topics
  • #Software 9 topics
  • #JT65 JT65A digital mode in Multipsk, WSJ-X, HF-JT65, JTDX, and other variants 9 topics
  • #digital 6 topics
  • #PSK31 The popular digital mode by Peter G3PLX usually found on 14070, 21070 and other frequencies. 6 topics
  • #SDR Software Defined Radio (Flex, Icom 7300 , SDRPlay, RTL, Apache, Softrock, Lime, SDR-IQ, RFSpace and more 5 topics
  • #FT8 5 topics
  • #Olivia Robust digital mode within Fldigi, Multipsk, DM780 . Often used for emergency communications nets like NBEMS . Often found around 14073, 14108, 7073, 3853 4 topics

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